Deepwater Horizon

It’s been a while since I’ve done a film review as I haven’t really seen anything worth writing about as of late

I did see Girl on the Train last week, which I loved, but I was too into the movie to take any mental notes on it. So, props to Tate Taylor and the love of my life, Emily Blunt for that.

Deepwater Horizon though, was everything a classic disaster film should be

In the classic structure of such a film, it makes you connect to lots of secondary characters and then in turn, breaks your heart as many of them die or are injured

Sounds harsh, but is incredibly true. There’s a reason this happens in every* disaster movie- you will cry while also enjoying it’s mastery every. single. time.

If you didn’t already know, this film is a dramatisation of when the oil rig Deep Water Horizon caught fire and exploded in 2010, creating the worst oil spill in U.S.history

Some/ most people would share the sentiment of “why would I watch the game if I already know the score?” and in regards to sport, sometimes I would agree. This, is completely different. It works with the premise that you already know what happens and tells you another version of the story.

You know that the proverbial shit will hit the fan at some point in the film, you’re just waiting for when.For the entire first half of the film, there’s an eerie sense of dread that is expertly and deliberately crafted

Good ol’ Marky Mark Wahlberg is in tip top form in this one. I’m not going to lie, he’s done some really awful films. Like really awful. But, he’s also done some really great ones too. He’s completely found his market in disaster films where he plays a loveable, selfless hero and he darn well sticks to it.

Kate Hudson played his wife in the film and for the first time ever I didn’t hate her presence on screen. Sure, I love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but that is the one exception to The Kate Hudson Rule

Gina mother flipping Rodriguez was an incredible human/ actor as per usual and I fell even deeper in love with her. If you haven’t seen Jane The Virgin, do yourself a favour- she is a joy to watch. She kicks butt in this film, but also shows a heartwarming vulnerability that will probably make you cry

John Malkovich, also as per usual plays a complete asshole. He is great at it. Someone once told me that a great actor, has the ability make you loathe/love the character with everything you’ve got, for him- this is true

It is a really well crafted film and will make you laugh and cry. Get ready for the “in memoriam” part at the end. Yeah it’s an action film, but it’s also based on a real life event that took the lives of 11 people and caused continuos harm on marine life and our oceans

It puts something that you would have seen in the news into a different perspective, and in doing so, makes it real on a whole other level


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